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full name kallin marie atteberry stage name kallin marie dob + age october 11 1989 + 26 occupation musician born + raised leeds, uk residence london, uk & los angeles, california status pending divorce
lights (2010) halcyon (2012) delirium (2015)

Kallin grew up in the town of Leeds, at a time where homosexuality was still trying to break through as acceptable, let alone having two same-sex parents. That’s exactly what Kallin had, though - two dads. She was adopted as a newborn from a birth mother who was too young to care for a child. Daniel Atteberry adopted Kallin into a warm and loving household. He and his partner, Gregory, took care of her like their own. Their families accepting and nurturing, Kallin had a wonderful family life. However, when she grew older, school and social life was not the same. Kallin was made fun of and bullied for the most part of her school years, because she had same-sex parents. When homosexuality became a bit more acceptable, it was really too late for Kallin to open up and become who she was around her schoolmates, so she was just deemed “weird”. Because she was so quiet and standoffish, it was hard for her to make friends. So she found a passion in writing, where she could let herself go through a pen and paper. Writing turned into lyrics and lyrics turned into songs. Kallin’s dad enrolled her in music lessons at a very young age, so she knew how to play the piano, to where she could put her music to melody. Kallin would get lost in her music, letting go of the anger and hurt she experienced every day.

Growing older, her music began to mature and she signed up for underground, unsigned artists nights around town at local clubs. It was hard to find the gigs, though, as she wasn’t usually allowed in the clubs that hosted the events. Most of the time someone snuck her in or she used a fake ID. It was there that she was able to break out of her shell and meet people she normally would’ve never known. That time in her life shaped her into part of the human being she was going to be in the future. It helped her to grow up and get used to hanging around older people. She developed a sense of maturity that she knew was above the people she went to school with, those that thought she was just the quiet weird kid in the corner who loved to write.

Kallin was lucky, though, because playing those clubs opened a door for her that no one who knew her thought she would experience. She was able to meet the right people, who signed her to her first record deal. It was scary and new and recording in an actual studio intimidated her. However, they were some of the best lessons learned, recording with her first label and being taught the business. She was mentored and taught not to take shit from anybody. It was there she gained the strength and clarity to be a solo artists. What truly set Kallin apart, though, was her voice. It was unique and special, most people extremely impressed with her range and vibrato. In 2009, Kallin released her first single called ‘Under the Sheets’ as an independent artist. It was a soft release, wanting to see how well it would do in the UK. Garnering attention, Kallin soon caught the eyes and ears of many. In 2010, she released her first major album, ‘Lights’, which went on to sell worldwide, especially America.

With extra-ordinary talent, it was hard for Kallin not to gain fans from all over. She had the voice of an angel and seemed to be successful with every single she produced. In 2012, she released another record entitled ‘Halcyon’ which featured many leading DJ’s. Kallin performed at many festivals and concerts to promote the album, making her fanbase even larger. She ended up moving to Los Angeles is 2012 to accommodate her schedule. Life had seemingly become a whirlwind for her, flying back and forth from everywhere that most days, it was hard to keep up. So she took a break, as her real life was suffering just a bit. She needed to breathe and to write again. But in 2015, after her break, she soft released the song ‘Love Me Like You Do’ for the ’50 Shades of Grey’ soundtrack, hoping to put her back on the map quietly, so that she could explode with her new album, ‘Delirium’. This album featured a more mature and polished sound, one that Kallin could truly stand behind. With a lengthy career under her belt, Kallin didn’t feel like the quiet girl in the corner anymore. She was fierce and ready to take on the world.